Lefty's Album
Lefty’s album is now being mixed and will hopefully be ready for sale the beginning of September. In addition Lefty will be Matt Billon’s trusty sidekick as part of the CC Comedy Tour (City Baked ‘n’ Country Fried). Stay tuned for the latest in developments!

Why become a Leftover

A Leftover’s been around and had time ta embrace da flavour and spices a life. A Leftover might a been lost for a tad, but Leftover’s need ta be respected for what day bring ta da table! A wealth of savory understand'n. That’s why I – Lefty Nelson welcome and embrace all Leftovers from all musical types and backgrounds inta this worldly collection a da greatest musical fans known ta man – Lefty’s Leftovers - so be sure ya sign up in da box above dis write'n!

Lefty’s music is bound to put a chuckle in your belly and a smile on your face and can best be described as a creative blend of international country music sounds and top 40 Country & Western melodies with infectious, hilarious hooks.

Lefty’s collection of songs include the hits, “Smoke & Beers”, “When I Go See Alice”, “I Never Had A Ten, But I Got Five Two’s”, “I Like Drink’n” and of course the new Canadian Anthem ---“OH Canada”.


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